“We are a Microgeneration cerfitication scheme registered independent solar installation and repair company based in St Albans. We offer a friendly, professional installation service without the usual hefty mark-ups and pressure sales. We believe this technology is part of the future of domestic energy and wish to share our enthusiasm.”

Giles Hanford
  • Giles

    Giles – Solar Engineer. With over 25 years experience in the Water engineering industry and now a qualified BPEC engineer. Giles designs the systems and supervises the installations.

  • Christoph

    Christoph – Solar Engineer. Christoph has worked with the company for nearly 10 years and has experience with many different systems and setups. With a keen interest in technology, he’s always keen to explore new possibilities.

  • Sharon

    Sharon – Office Manager. Sharon manages the back office of the company and keeps us all organised.

  • Shilpesh

    Shilpesh – Plumber. Shilpesh is one of our team of plumbers and a pipework specialist. He’s worked on many installations and systems and doesn’t mind getting his head around the most challenging configurations.

  • Hiren

    Hiren – Plumber. Hiren is the other plumber in our team. A love of tidy installations combined with a keen interest in renewable technologies makes him another valuable member of our team.

  • Jay

    Jay – Gas Safe Engineer. Energy efficiency is Jay’s speciality. Whether its condensing boilers, gas savers or ‘A’ rated appliances, so turning to solar heating and solar panels was second nature.