“We are a Microgeneration cerfitication scheme registered independent solar installation and repair company based in St Albans. We offer a friendly, professional installation service without the usual hefty mark-ups and pressure sales. We believe this technology is part of the future of domestic energy and wish to share our enthusiasm.”

Giles Hanford

The Small Solar Company in the papers

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We have been interviewed by The Guardian newspaper in relation to the Green Homes Grant Scheme. The article is titled “Government plans to turn England homes green ‘in chaos’ with debt and job losses” and you can read the full article on The Guardian website.

The Daily Mail+filmed an interview with Giles in relation to the issues installers are facing with the Green Homes Grant. It was put together by renowned journalist and broad caster Michael Crick and centers around the issue of payments for work completed under the Green Homes Grant.

You can watch the full fill here https://www.mailplus.co.uk/tv/the-michael-crick-report/55285/is-rishis-2bn-green-home-scheme-crumbling


Giles – Solar Engineer. With over 25 years experience in the Water engineering industry and now a qualified BPEC engineer. Giles designs the systems and supervises the installations.


Christoph – Solar Engineer. Christoph has worked with the company for nearly 10 years and has experience with many different systems and setups. With a keen interest in technology, he’s always keen to explore new possibilities.


Sharon – Office Manager. Sharon manages the back office of the company and keeps us all organised.


Shilpesh – Plumber. Shilpesh is one of our team of plumbers and a pipework specialist. He’s worked on many installations and systems and doesn’t mind getting his head around the most challenging configurations.


Hiren – Plumber. Hiren is the other plumber in our team. A love of tidy installations combined with a keen interest in renewable technologies makes him another valuable member of our team.


Jay – Gas Safe Engineer. Energy efficiency is Jay’s speciality. Whether its condensing boilers, gas savers or ‘A’ rated appliances, so turning to solar heating and solar panels was second nature.