Please note – while the information on this page is mostly still valid, Kingspan is no longer operating in the Solar Thermal market at this point. Consequently, we can no longer source parts from Kingspan directly. However, we do have some spares and may be able to help for existing installations.

We have worked on many Kingspan systems and although we continue to work and support their installations.

For new installations, we prefer to use Viessmann solar panels but have sourced other alternatives such as Apricus as well as some other alternatives.


Accredited Kingspan Solar installers

We are Kingspan Solar accredited installers and like to install Kingspan solar products where we consider it is the best solution for the project.

Thermomax solar water heating explanation

A sample hot water solar system showing the required components of a complete system

Kingspan Thermomax

Solar heating panels manufactured in the UKKingspan Thermomax is a global leader with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing solar thermal evacuated tubes. Thermomax collectors are manufactured in Kingspan’s state-of-the-art facility in Portadown, Northern Ireland. The type of collectors are known worldwide for their outstanding performance, reliability, longevity and excellent value for money. With up to 20-years guarantee, Thermomax evacuated tubes have the potential to become a key part of your home energy management system. The result of an efficient hot water solar system can save you money on your heating bills and reducing your carbon footprint for years to come.


Kingspan Thermomax HP400

HP400 is a highly efficient Heat Pipe collector, suitable for installation when the ideal position on the roof is achievable. Slimline design of the manifold means the collector is not only lighter, but also makes installation easier.

A ‘Dry System’ like the HP400 is recommended especially for domestic use and ideal for Northern European climates. The dry connection between manifold and tube means tubes can be easily fitted and replaced, without the need to drain down the system.


Features & benefits:

  • Highly efficient – super fast heat transfer.
  • Unique temperature limitation safety device to limit temperature to 90°C and protect the system from overheating.
  • Ease of installation and maintenance.
  • ‘Plug and play’ design for ease of installation.
  • We are Kingspan Accredited Installer and you will therefore receive 20-year guarantee on evacuated tube
  • Work efficiently from dawn till dusk in all weather conditions

Available also as HP450 model, ideal for commercial and industrial applications requiring high-temperature process heat (temperature limitation device set at 135°C).

Kingspan Solar FPW Flat Plate

Kingspan Solar’s range of flat plates has been specifically designed for the UK climate, delivering excellent levels of efficiency throughout the year. The panels are robust, hard wearing, sleek and subtle in design.

Kingspan’s FPW panels are flexible in installation and can be installed both ‘in-roof’ and ‘on-roof. They can be fitted in a variety of domestic and commercial applications – both in new build and refurbishment. Possible applications include single dwellings, apartment blocks, hotels, restaurants, leisure centres, hospitals, care homes to name but a few. These panels offer a straightforward solar thermal solution perfect for the needs of UK homes.

For maximum efficiency, solar panels are sized to meet individual requirements of each property. In case of new build dwellings, site orientation plans can also be prepared. All designs are carried out by Coates Design Partnership, one of the UK’s leading consultancy practices and now part of Kingspan, using the latest AutoCAD technology.


  • Designed specifically for Northern European climates
  • Excellent choice for both New Build and existing properties
  • ‘In-roof’ and ‘on-roof’ options available
  • Robust and hard-wearing with a life span of 25 years
  • Maintains the integrity of the roof giving a sleek and subtle finish (‘in-roof’ option)
  • Suitable for various roof types
  • A range of fixing brackets available to suit all types of roof tiles including concrete, slate and clay peg

Kingspan Thermomax DF400

Kingspan’s DF400 is a high performance Direct Flow collector. It provides the perfect solution when the ideal position is not achievable due to its versatile installation options. The panel can be fitted both horizontally and vertically, on pitched and flat roofs as well as façades.

The fully pumped DF400 is a ‘Wet System’. Systems like these are especially suited for industrial and commercial use and ideal for UK weather conditions. The system offers an unrivalled transfer of energy from the sun into usable heat providing solar heated hot water in record time. As a result the system represents a highly efficient solar thermal solution.



Kingspan Varisol Thermomax

The new Kingspan Varisol combines Thermomax DF or HP vacuum tubes with a unique modular manifold. Therefore increased flexibility in system design and installation is achieved, whilst retaining their top quality performance.

The design of the Varisol product offers a modern and flexible alternative wherever a rigid manifold system cannot be installed due to space limitations. Whilst it is quick and easy to install, Varisol also allows individual tubes to be simply ‘clicked’ together to create solar panels of varying sizes. Therefore collectors can be sized to the exact needs of each application.

Key points of this system

  • Rapid installation
  • No heavy manifold
  • Collectors can be sized to fit available space e.g. in between windows or skylights
  • Expandable as needs change – the system can grow with your family
  • Precision sizing – 100% accurate – only pay for what you need
  • Collector size up to 150 tubes
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications
  • 20-year guarantee on evacuated tubes when installed by a Kingspan Accredited Installer

Features & benefits:

  • Cost-effective choice
  • Highly variable installation methods
  • Flexible building integration
  • Simple and easy to install due to ‘plug and play’ design
  • 20-year guarantee on evacuated tubes when installed by a Kingspan Accredited Installer
  • Work efficiently from dawn till dusk in all weather conditions