We can service and maintain the system in your home (regardless who fitted it) and all types of commercial, community, private and social housing.

PPE (Planned Preventative maintained) is essential to ensure reliability, maintain warantees and safety of solar water heating systems.

Solar Glycol Rectractometer
Solar Glycol Rectractometer to check antifreeze concentration.
pH test paper
pH test paper to test antifreeze condition.



The visit will normally include the following where accessible:

  1. Visual Inspection of the tubes or flat plate collector.
  2. Visually Inspect fixings.
  3. Checking glycol (antifreeze) concentration.
  4. Checking glycol (antifreeze) pH.
  5. Operate air removal devices.
  6. Check Controller settings.
  7. Set pump speed and flow rate.
  8. Check Expansion Vessel pressure.
  9. Check system pressure.
  10. Operate pressure relief valves.
  11. Clean panels if practical for 1engineer without using ladders.
  12. Record hours run.
  13. Investigate if the system has overheated.
  14. Check for leaks.
  15. Explanation of solar controls to customer and how best to top up the heat when required.