If you are interested in a new solar thermal installation, please fill in our online enquiry form here.

Stage 1 of a solar installation – the panels:

If required, we will arrange for scaffolding to be erected. This allows for a safe and efficient installation of the solar panel(s) on your roof. Once the scaffold is in place, we install the panels on your roof.

Stage 2 of a solar installation – the cylinder:

Unless you already have a twin coil cylinder, we will most likely replace your hot water cylinder with a high efficiency twin coil cylinder. The solar panel will transfer the heat to the bottom of the cylinder. When required, your boiler will top up the heat in the solar cylinder, therefore ensuring that there is always enough hot water.

Stage 3 of a solar installation – the pump station:

We install a solar pump station to transfer the heat collected from the solar panel into the hot water cylinder coil. This is controlled by an electronic variable controller that switches on the pump only when the temperature of the panel is greater than that of the water cylinder. The pump station is connected to an expansion vessel to accommodate the increase in volume when the antifreeze expands. There is also a discharge vessel for the safety pressure relief valve to discharge the antifreeze in event of over-pressurisation.

Stage 4:

Using a special high pressure solar flushing / filtering / filling pump, we fill the system with high temperature, corrosion inhibited antifreeze, pressurize and commission the system.

Stage 5:

The sun comes out and you start enjoying free hot water (and reducing your carbon foot print!)

Enjoying free hot water
Enjoying free hot water