How you can best save money is to make our job as quick and easy as possible:

  1. We will always try to service or repair your system in the most economical way possible.  However, you may be able to help reduce costs:
  2. Please make sure we can park as close as possible to where we are working.
  3. Have any system instructions and documentation available.
  4. Clear the airing cupboard or area where we work so we can access all-round the cylinder and other components.
  5. Prepare a clear, well-lit area.
  6. Prepare easy access to loft and get the ladder down if you can.
  7. Have a water supply available.
  8. Have an 13amp socket / extension lead nearby.
  9. E-mail us pictures of the controller / pump station/ cylinder and panels so we know what we are working on before we get there.
  10. We are always happy to remove our shoes, but it does save time if we don’t have to.

To increase the chances of success we have done the following:

  • We have a well organised van with a vast range of tools and specialist equipment.
  • We carry a large variety of spare components that will cope with most. However, we cannot guarantee to always have the required components on board.
  • We have been repairing systems since 2007 and have gained considerable experience. However, a day rarely goes by without us learning something new.
  • We carry a range of manuals in the van and PDF instructions on our phones, but we often still do need to refer to manufacturer’s websites and technical departments.
  • We will try to work as efficiently as possible but this is a job that cannot be rushed and attention to detail is important.