The Small Solar Company Ltd (Since 2006)

We install affordable Solar Water Heating systems with prices for complete installations from £2850 if re-using the existing cylinder or from £3850 if fitting a new cylinder. (plus VAT @ 5%)

Local repairs from £75 ( plus VAT @ 5 – 20%)

In most cases you can apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive which pays 20.06 pence / KW/hr approximately £1200 – £3000 back over the next 7 years. (Solar PV only pays 4p over 20 years).

Based in St Albans and serving London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, we fit high quality, efficient evacuated tubes, flat panels and specialist solar cylinders.

These are compatible with most boilers, biomass, wood burners, electric heaters or heat pumps.

Though we are independent and able to install all makes of equipment our preferred brand is Thermomax which has been manufactured in the UK for over 30 yearsFlat plate Solar Panel.Kingspan Twin Line Solar Panel Pump Station

Kingspan Solar Panel System Controller

Thermomax Solar Panel ManifoldSolar Panel Evacuated Tube